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A number of independent homes ranging from 170 m2 up to 280 m2 are available for sale at the area of Ai Yiannis (St. John) of Mykonos. Those homes are constructed according to the traditional craftsmanship with materials and techniques like forged white plaster, ceiling trusses made with chestnut wood, boarding, traditional wooden doors and planked windows, built-in bath-tubs in the bathrooms, tile-covered floors made with Kapandriti tiles or forged cement enhanced with marble elements and fireplaces made with materials respecting the traditional style. 
The composition (synthesis) and the plasticity of the landscape with the proportions and undulations imposed by the architecture of Mykonos, the proper use of the semi-outdoors areas and verandas, the pergolas and the traditional chimneys, promote morphologically the complex and make them unique.
The surrounding area of every complex is designed in detail relatively to the functionality, the aesthetics and its technical parity. Major emphasis has been given to the access, the sitting areas and their links to the private outdoor and semi-outdoor areas of the homes. Every building includes a swimming pool, of a shape absolutely adjusted to the surrounding landscape and becomes an integrated part of it fulfilling the picture of the complex and of the home. ENTASIS also offers for sale houses, apartments or maisonettes, in Athens, Kifisia, Pefki and Patisia.

9-11 KOLOKOTRONI STREET,  KIFISIA .: (210) 62.33.607-8, 80.89.227-8 Fax.: (210) 80.81.269